Ociter: Decoding the future of blockchain

Disruptive technologies are taking a quicker course than expected. And blockchain is definitely a proof of this, as it is set out to revolutionize all industries. Being the power source of cryptocurrency, its convenience and uses have proved to be seemingly endless. From asset management and trade processes to government processes and healthcare - blockchain’s hundred-fold forms of application have spawned the emergence of platforms and protocols with a vision to penetrate a variety of businesses and institutions.

Through the birth of Bitcoin, an industry awash with talks of the blockchain technology and its potential impact has emerged. Bitcoin is indeed the cryptocurrency - a visionary platform that has forever transformed disruptive technology and has summoned the rise of other cryptocurrencies, such as Ethereum, Litecoin and Ripple, among others. However, despite its heavy influence, there are still gaps to fill in on the current blockchain technology, including the Bitcoin revolution itself.

To answer this need, many have taken the shot for a more cutting-edge alternative to the current trends in blockchain technology. The call for a more secure blockchain platform has echoed globally, thus giving birth to platforms and protocols that aim to be where Bitcoin has never been to yet - a noble ambition for a financially orthodox world that is in need for a deeper understanding and confidence in blockchains and cryptocurrencies.

In this same endeavour, Ociter was developed upon continuous research in order to build a more efficient, secure, and scalable blockchain platform.

Cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology are playing an increasingly important role for a myriad of institutions. Its intricacy is not to be undermined. However, through thorough efforts, a global understanding of blockchain technology can take disruptive technologies to a higher level of human understanding.

To decode the future of blockchain is the ultimate Ociter purpose.

The Conception

"To become a fast, if not the fastest, superblockchain platform."

The Ociter vision started two years ago. It was designed carrying an understanding of both a technical and more importantly, on a human level. During its beginnings, and in its motivation for greater knowledge in using cryptocurrencies, engineering a platform that aims to utilize only the best of the blockchain technology is the driving force for Ociter, with core values to help shape the future of blockchain.

Ociter believes that a secure, flexible, and scalable blockchain platform for use as a potential possibility. To achieve major innovation that will balance the needs of users and members of the integrated system is what Ociter envisions. In order to do so, a scheme of regulated computing shall be utilized in order to bring larger financial involvement by providing open access for all to a fair and just financial service.

However, to create the future of blockchain, an understanding of its history and significance is needed.

Why Ociter?

The blockchain, which is presently represented by Bitcoin and Ethereum, is unfortunately gelded by a lack of accessibility, doubt, and imagination. Ociter has been built from the ground floor and used the pitfalls of other exchanges to build the most innovative and forthright protocol ever developed.

The vision for this landmark venture called Ociter is specified in the following document coupled with implementation of this new and innovative way of life.



Ociter has a tiered scheme to separate the value and the computation aspect of the transaction. This scheme is designed to accommodate the social aspects of cryptocurrencies. The explicit isolation of the value from the computation enables flexibility in the design, privacy and implementing smart contracts.



VOT and COT- The Value OciTIER is a standalone blockchain. It is a cryptocurrency, also named Ociter, which is based in Haskell code and follows the Proof of Stake (PoS) protocol, called Caduceus, as opposed to Bitcoin’s Proof of Work (PoW). The Computation OciTIER is where the transaction is processed. If the VOT records the value, the COT provides the mechanism to enable asset transfer which involves terabytes of data, multiple signatures and special events.


Introducing "HECTOR"

Designing a scripting language that supports most of the elements in a financial transaction may be difficult, but it is possible. Thus, Ociter designed the new language, Hector, after the namesake of its creator, Hector Turla. Hector is developed without the unnecessary complexity.



Sidechains are an extremely important innovation for cryptocurrency. Its idea is to create a compressed representation of a blockchain that is interoperable between blockchains. Ociter supports this sidechain protocol to allow a secure and non-interactive movement of funds from Ociter Tiers or other blockchain-supporting protocols.



Preserving privacy and sustaining performance on a blockchain are two important features in signature scheme. A collection of signature schemes is a digital signature that supports making signatures on a number of different messages generated by many different users.



Ociter believes that blockchain technology will mature on additional layers, beyond the basic technology. The first layer of blockchain technology has been explored extensively, albeit without conclusively solving the scalability issue. Ociter answers this by moving complexity up to a second and third layer solution that is clever and simple in their design, similar to Satoshi’s original blockchain architecture.


The Ociter blockchain world vision of a smart, secured, and accessible blockchain for everyone is in its infancy stages. Ociter is transforming their “super platform” with multi-level improvements to ensure a blockchain cryptocurrency system that is grounded by the principals of the Ociter founders.



The Caelum Phase is defined as the bootstrap period for Ociter. The team will work on stabilizing central pieces which includes decentralizing the platform, employment of post-quantum cryptography, multi-signature addresses, and strengthening Ociter’s tiered scheme.


"Clearer Pictures"

The Pictor Phase now has a decentralized system and will embark on improving and stabilizing the components. Troth delegation, which will stabilize the Proof of Stake system, enhances stakeholder’s compliance with protocol and allows the management of core nodes which produce the blocks of the blockchain.

Ociter will develop a revolutionary HD wallet called Soteria. The Soteria wallet is simply a digital and hierarchical deterministic wallet for the platform.


"Power Development"

The Leo Phase is where the Ociter team will “flex its muscle” and increase power and scalability to the model. Cryptocurrencies, as we know them now, have issues in regard to transaction speed and immutability. Ociter employs the SegWit approach which will increase a block’s capacity by 50-85% thereby ensuring quicker transactions and improved transaction malleability.



The Corona Phase marks Ociter’s peak of the development process. Ociter will have acquired stabilization in its scalability, further innovations, and developments in security that will sustain the project.


But with humility at heart, the people behind Ociter are also careful enough to put to mind the hits and misses of the past.


Our Team

Sheryll Manguerra
Operations Manager
Darren McVean
Jay Turla
Lead Engineer & Smart Contract Specialist
Robin Pinzon
Project Manager, Software & Web Department
Ricky Abanil
Finance Controller
Jun Ramoneda
Senior Software Engineer
Luke Villanueva
Software Engineer
Christian Brian Gomez
Creative Design Director
Ervin Luberisco
Electronics Design Engineer
Carol Ann Quiambao
Business Analyst /
Software Engineer
Aaren Quiambao
Content Writer
Arnulfo Quijoy Jr
Social Media Marketing
Casandra Casaclang
Electronics Design Engineer
Jhoanne Bernadette Flora
Electronics Design Engineer
Romnick Afan
Software & Web Developer
Don Apollo Cosio
Department Manager
Jericho Ngo
Unity/Game Developer
Dex Latoja
Animation and 3D Generalist
Mokie Ballesteros
Software & Web Developer
Cyan Baltazar
Software & Web Developer
Totep Castillo
Mobile Application Developer
Erika Coronel
Electronics Design Engineer
John Gonzales
Software & Web Developer
Hannah Enriquez
Software QA Specialist
Kristine Gonzales
Software & Web Developer
Sharmaine Miranda
Software QA Specialist
CJ Vital
Software & Web Developer
Chris Santos
Software & Web Developer
Aina Sotto
Electronics Design Engineer
Katrina Tuquilar
Software QA Specialist
Joseph Villamor
Senior Systems Administrator
Justin Parpan
Graphic Designer
KP Yaochingco
Software QA Specialist

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